Marketing Materials

UC Advocates Packet

The custom designed bi-fold package contains enough marketing materials to reach 50 people with the message of Upper Cervical Chiropractic.   The bi-fold  cards list symptoms  men,   women or children  may suffer but have responded to under Upper Cervical Care.

The  business  card  is  intended to  explain  the  difference  in  a specific atlas correction using specific  X-rays, analysis and correction used by a   UC DC.  A more precise correction is available with the mathematical  analysis of a trained UC DC than a general chiropractic neck rotation, sacral massage therapist or MD or DO manual twist.

Symptom related Postcards in 2 sizes, educational pamphlet by Dr. Daniel O. Clark, business cards, and a ‘what Time, tuesday?’ book by James Tomasi are also included in the packet.





Price: $15.00

Shipping: $3.45

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UCA Membership Form

PDF downloadable form. Please fill out and send back to us.

Scanned forms to     or

Fax forms to (704) 951-8242


Price: $10.00

Shipping: $0.50

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Upper Cervical Advocates Banner

Banner depicts acute and chronic ailments that have responded to Upper Cervical Chiropractic once proper brain to body communication is restored. Portable Banners support advocates speaking at Support Group meetings, patient scholarship fund-raising events, civic organization speaking opportunities or doing general marketing/education events.

Shipped direct from Banner publisher.



Price: $215.95

Shipping: $12.50

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Symptomatic bi-fold Business Card

Wallet sized business card with acute and chronic ailments listed under categories for Men, Women and Children. View video on Youtube: Rhonda Tomasi, advocates

Sold in Qty of 50 cards

Back is left blank for clear sticker to individualize: name, address, phone and Web address


Price: $22.50

Shipping: $2.25

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U C Health Magazine

Single and multiple copy rates available at website.


Price: $0.00

Shipping: $0.00

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Symptom Postcards

Upper Cervical Advocates postcards with Symptoms to mail to victims chronic and acute ailments who are strangers or out of your area.

Ships in qty of 10


Price: $1.00

Shipping: $0.85

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SPECIAL Price Advocates Packet

Complete marketing packet with enough resources to reach 50+ New Patients. Provide UC DC office info on sticker and attach to each product.

1 what Time, tuesday? book
1 Upper Cervical Illustrations booklet
1 Retracing paper
25 bi-fold symptom card
30 business cards with specifics of Upper Cervical Care
3 ass’t postcards
upcspine cards


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Price: $10.00

You save: $5.00

Shipping: $3.00

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