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The custom designed bi-fold package contains enough marketing materials to reach 50 people with the message of Upper Cervical Chiropractic.   The bi-fold  cards list symptoms  men,   women or children  may suffer but have responded to under Upper Cervical Care.

The  business  card  is  intended to  explain  the  difference  in  a specific atlas correction using specific  X-rays, analysis and correction used by a   UC DC.  A more precise correction is available with the mathematical  analysis of a trained UC DC than a general chiropractic neck rotation, sacral massage therapist or MD or DO manual twist.

Symptom related Postcards in 2 sizes, educational pamphlet by Dr. Daniel O. Clark, upcspine.com business cards, and a 'what Time, tuesday?' book by James Tomasi are also included in the packet.




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Price: $15.00

Shipping: $3.45

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