James D. Tomasi

James Tomasi, is a strong patient advocate for Upper Cervical Care. His story of recovering from the debilitating TN disease, otherwise known as ‘the suicide disease”, is recorded in his green book, “what TIME, Tuesday?

A copy can be purchased in our store or at www.whattimetuesday.com . His goal is to exhort and encourage those who understand the healing power that B J Palmer wrote about in his Green Books, and went the extra mile to learn one of the upper cervical techniques. He desires to reach patients who need to experience the power of the correction which coordinates the brain to body communication.

James explains the specific correction of the C1C2 area which resulted in his escape from the unbearable pain of trigeminal neuralgia. TN, chronic facial pain is labeled ‘ the suicide disease’ in Medical Journals. His desire is to encourage those looking for answers to explore this well-hidden science called Upper Cervical Care.

Dr. James Tomasi was:
• a talent agent and sales director (1950’s)
• venture capitalist (Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam) (1960’s)
• entrepreneur (Europe, Fiji) (1970’s )
• commodity broker for White Star Shipping and Ramasi, Inc. (1970-80’s),
• vice-president of sales for Safetel, Inc. and president of Telephone Audit Service (1990’s)
• board member for NACUCC, (2000-2001)
• associate-pastor, ID (2003-2004)
• president of International Christian Servants, Inc. (ICS)
• world-renowned speaker, author (Feed the Tiger
, What Time, Tuesday?)
• co-author with his wife of Whose Deal is It? and Feed the Jungle: The Vietnam Saga
• spiritual advisor to Dr. Ray Drury and Dr. Thad Vauginaux, Upper Cervical Health Centers of America
• Honorary Doctorate of Chiropractic, Sherman College (2007).